The Galloping Tongue | Basketball 2013

Despite our icky experience last year with Upward Basketball, Porter wanted to play again this year.  Ryan decided to sign up to coach his team, which Porter was really excited about.  I was curious about how this would work out…. would Porter be defiant and not want to listen to Ryan as a coach?  Would Ryan be too hard on Porter since he was his son?  So far it’s going great… Porter is really enjoying basketball this year and Ryan is having a lot of fun coaching.

Porter has only had…hmmm 3 games so far?  I’m already noticing a lot of improvement.  The first game cracked me up.  He got out there and looked like he was raring to go.  Clapped his hands together.   Kind of jogged back and forth on his feet.  Feet apart.  Knees bent.  Arms braced to go.  And the game started and I was cracking up.  He pretty much played a glorified game of keep away.  Loved it.  SOOO funny.  He had the whole “where’s your guy” down… he was NOT about to let “his guy” guard him.  He spent his time on the court running FROM the guy who was guarding him.  This got him a basketball to the face because he was so focused on not letting the guy near him he wasn’t paying attention whatsoever to the basketball.
The 2nd game he improved a little bit more.  He was a little more focused on the actual game portion…. he did a lot of skipping and galloping around the outside of the “core” of players who were more aggressive with the ball and a little more focused on the game.  He reminded me of Cooper when we go to the dog park.  He wants to play, but he’s a little intimidated to jump into the pack so he kind of paces the perimeter.  He stayed with it, though, and he had a good time.  He felt involved (though wasn’t quite that involved), he did get the ball a few times.  He likes to be the guy who passes the ball into the court (I have no idea what that is called… you know when the other team fouls and then the opposite team passes the ball into the court??).
This week, his 3rd game, he improved even more.  He still cracks me up galloping and skipping up and down the court, and when he blocks his guy his arms are a little more of a flailing mess than guarding, but he’s doing better!  He was much more aggressive this weekend and he actually got in there once and stole the ball from the other team.  He had quite a few chances to get the ball and shoot.  He had so much fun, and was so proud of himself.  I’m pretty proud of him too.  🙂
Oh!  The funniest thing yet, I think… his tongue!! I took pictures this week and nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE of them his tongue is sticking out.  Cracks me up!












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