Hudson Humor

February 5
Hudson asked for help drawing “people walking outside of the high school” (we just left Math and Science night at the high school). He wanted me to draw them yellow. I used brown to draw the outline of their heads and their stick body. 

I handed it back to him and he went to color them in with yellow and said “UGH! We can’t have BROWWW-WWN as our bodies! That means we’re BEAAA-RRS! Look at us! What color skin do we have? We are not BEARS!” (with his head cocked and shaking it with disapproval). This kid kills me.

February 1
Hudson, playing with his cars “All of us are going to Idaho.”

Me: “What’s in Idaho?”

Hudson: “Candy and food.”


Me: ” Hudson you have to be careful with her. She’s a baby and you could break her bones.” 

H: “No I won’t. There’s this thing over her bones called SKIN!”

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