From the mouths of boys

I woke to the sound of the boys havig some random conversation. Hudson is telling Porter:
“Know what Oma cared for at the Subway by my school?  Oma cared for chips.  And I got her the bestest sandwich.  Ever.  I took her to Subway and those people made the bestest sandwiches ever and I picked out the chips. 

P was googling the gangnam style video.  He came across a news clip on you tube where they reported how Psy wanted to retire Gangnam Style.  P was appalled. He came into the kitchen, wide eyed and completely annoyed. He says to me “Mom! The news reporter hated gangnam style!  Theyre calling him stupid! They’re making fun of it!”

So I went to watch, hoping it wasn’t some terrible video.  It wasn’t.  They were talking about him wanting to retire it because it was too popular.  He crossed his arms and said “look!  They’re making fun of it!”

At the end of the clip there was a headstone that says RIP Gangnam Style. P says “Did you see that?  That’s so mean!”  He was so serious about it… I couldn’t help but giggle!

Shortly after that he must have still been watching clips on the Internet.  He came into the kitchen and tells me “Mom did you know Taylor swift is dating Harry Styles??!”  Ooohkay!

Hudson: “Mom, did you know Oma has God gummies?”

Porter: “Hudson, those are Star Wars gummies.”

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