My voice

A few weeks ago I was talking with Kristin about blogging. She made the statement that her blog is her voice, her voice to her children for someday she won’t be there.

My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how perfect that simple statement was. How clearly it summed up my feelings about the importance of my blog.

Someday, my kids will look back on my blog (which hopefully will be in book form!) and I hope that they can hear my voice as they read. I hope they can hear the deep, boundless love I have for them. I hope they hear pride and endearment I have for their quirks and accomplishments. I hope they can hear the doubt and fears I have that I’m screwing it all up. I hope they can hear the frustration and defeat on my bad days, for it is real life we are living and it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. I hope they hear my hopes and dreams for them, written in between the lines.

Most of all I hope they can hear me. I hope they can read my words and envision me telling these stories to them… Encouraging them. Giving them hope through the bad times, faith in the good times and know without a doubt that they were loved with every ounce of my being.

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