Porter’s 7th Birthday Party | Army Style

Porter REALLY wanted a Mario Kart birthday this year, and while I typically like going all out on decor and treats and goodies and all that stuff, the last year or so I’ve just been bleh….. let’s buy some plates and napkins and call it good. Ok, so I DO still kind of do a theme, but I’m just finding the cost that goes into it is kind of silly when I can do something simple and its still just as special.
I also have been such a slacker on planning these things…. I first went from wanting to take Porter to a waterpark over the weekend instead of having a party.  Make it a “family fun” thing.  Then we were going to have it at the Bounce Castle, but then I decided I could do it cheaper at home even though that meant cleaning up after 5+ kids.
His party was Friday.  On Thursday I had to pick my mom up at the airport, so I planned to hit up the Party City store near the airport.  Well, turns out they don’t have Mario Kart.  Or Mario anything.   So I was torn between Lego and Army and Detroit Tigers.  I settled on Army theme and Porter LOVED it.
I made army cupcakes with green frosting and little army men on the top, and the kids got “dog tags” as their little party gift.  Voila.  HAHA!
I accidentally bought trick candles and it was quite hilarious watchign Porter try to blow them out.  I didn’t know they were trick candles until he blew them out for the 3rd time.   At one point Eian, Nathan and Donnie were all trying to help him blow out the candles.  I’m pretty sure that cupcake had a nice coating of spit on the top.   Yumm…..




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