The crud arrives

All winter I’ve watched multiple friends on Facebook battle the winter crud. Flu. GI yuckiness. Sinus crud. Viruses. Fevers. Sore throats. It seemed NeverEnding and I swear it was some kind of epidemic! We finally succumbed to the crud this past week. Nothing terrible, as I’ve seen multiple friends’ families down for the count for weeks on end. Ry came down with strep on Thursday night and, typically, slept allllll weekend. Not kidding. All day fri, sat and Sun he was in bed. Saturday morning Hudson woke and told me his ear hurt him. Off to express care we went. Ear infection. Amelia has been battling some congestion for the past week and on Tuesday I finally took her into the doctor because she was crying as if she was in pain. She has an ear infection as well.

Obviously she wants no one else but mama while she is sick. So all day I pretty much have her attached to my hip. And all night I’m up multiple times with her rocking her back to sleep. She’s normally my easiest kid to put to sleep. When she is tired she takes her paci, cuddles up with a blanket and I press her glow worms belly for a few minutes of song. Simple as that. But while she’s sick? Ohhhhh. She wakes up a few times a night and sometimes is inconsolable. All she wants to do is cuddle and lay on my chest and rock. Poor baby.

So as you can see, not much sleeping is going on here (for me at least), and the house is looking a bit disheveled. I’m hoping I can get caught up on cleaning and organizing some things tomorrow. My mom was a huge help this past week- cleaned a lot and did tons of laundry. But I’m sure you know how laundry breeds in the dark, so logically there is loads of laundry still to do. Ugh.

I can’t wait for everyone to start feeling better. Today my throat has felt kind of tight and scratchy. Praying I don’t end up sick because all of us mamas know that mamas don’t get sick days…. And surely won’t have 3 full days to sleep 24/7.

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