Brotherly bonding

When we were house hunting I was determined to find a 4 bedroom home so that when we had 3 kids they would each have their own room. They do each have their own room and with a 5th bedroom/guest room in the basement we have plenty of rooms for everyone to have their own space.

A few weeks ago we took Hudsons bunk beds apart and Porter asked to have a “sleepover” in H’s room. We said yes and they were over the moon excited. This turned into night after night them giggling with excitement when we obliged and let porter room with Hudson. I finally asked them if they wanted to share a room- being porters stuff in, trade the train table for P’s desk and make Porters room a “big kid play room”. They were all for it.

Ryan was not so thrilled with the idea. My thoughts are that they won’t always want to be near each other. They won’t always want to share a room and I feel like this could be a good bonding experience for them. And when we put them in bed and from the living room can hear them giggling and telling silly stories, it makes me so happy.

When will they decide they want their own space, I don’t know. Could be next week. Or next month. Or 3 years down the road. But for now, I’m going to enjoy hearing their bedtime bonding giggles and smile knowing they’re for once choosing to be together.

  1. We just moved all three of our kids into one “sleep” room and made a “play” room. The kids love it and I also love hearing them giggle and talk before going to sleep. You are right, when they are young, it is important to create the bond and make memories!!

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