Amelia Jane | 11 months old

I have been terrible at documenting Amelia’s monthly milestones.  Even more terrible at taking her monthly picture with her month stickers.   *Sigh* oh well…. what can ya do.

At 11 months old you have become quite the daredevil.  You loves climbing things and are constantly sitting in the basket that holds your diapers.   You figured out you can stand on your rocking chair and make it rock back and forth at a dangerous angle.  You figured out how to slide the baby gate over and get up the stairs so we had to lock in the baby gate.  Once you realized we had you figured out, you one-upped us by climbing onto the small chest that holds shoes and climbing up the side of the stairs holding onto the risers.  You are quite a monkey, I tell ya!

We think you’re likely our naughtiest child yet.  You laugh when you get in trouble, and you are always wriggling your way out of your high chair seats and standing up in them.  You wait, halfway up, until we see you and then laugh with excitement as you try to scale up onto the counter or table.  Dining with you in a restaurant is not very enjoyable as you think it is a game and often the restaurant seats don’t secure babies in too well.  Shopping carts pose the same issue…. you’re always trying to wiggle out and get ticked when you cant.

Speaking of getting ticked.  You definitely have a temper already.  When you want something and can’t have it you scream.  You also like to scream to hear your voice echo and while it is kind of cute for a few minutes, your shrieks and laughter get a big obnoxious.

You love to talk.  You have long conversations that make no sense to anyone but yourself.  You are constantly saying something that sounds like “What’s dat?” Your newest word is Porter, which comes out like “PoePoo”.  I just love your little voice.  It is so sweet and chirpy.  You say “Uh oh”, Peek-A-Boo (“Pee-Boo”).  You say Dada, Mama, Thank You, All Done,

We recently vacationed in North Carolina where you saw the ocean for the first time.  I was nervous about the sand, as it seems like it is either love or hate with babies/toddlers.  You, my dear, LOVE it.   You crawl all around and love crawling toward the water.  Grandma walked you up to the waters edge and when the frigid cold water washed up over your feet you giggled so hard.

You love your baby dolls.   You love to hug them and give them kisses.

It is hard for me to believe that you are so close to so many baby-to-toddler changes.   Transitioning from formula to milk (we did this at 12m with the boys).  From bottle to sippy cup (I think the boys kept their night time bottle until 14mo or so).  Ditching the pacifier (which I think we let Hudson keep until 14/15mo or so).  This makes me happy that you’re nearing toddlerhood because I so love all the new stages, but so sad because you’re my BABY and I can’t believe you’re almost a year old.

You now have your bottom two teeth in and your top two are about halfway through.  You have the same gap that Hudson had, which is so cute.  I hope this means you’ll have more space for your adult teeth, as we can already tell Porter will 100% need braces.   And at $5-6,000kid uhm… we’re rooting for the least amount of kids needing braces as possible!

You aren’t walking on your own yet but love to walk holding hands.  You’re slowly getting braver about moving between furniture that is spaced pretty far apart.  You have stood alone for a few seconds but get nervous and squat once you realize you’re not holding anything.

Naughty Amelia Jane! from Nicole Barczak on Vimeo.

3.27.13 from Nicole Barczak on Vimeo.

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