What would have been viral on YouTube…

Katie and I went shopping on Saturday— the WHOLE DAY!  No kids!  She picked me up at 10 and we headed to Ann Arbor for what ended up being darn near 10 hours of kid-free bliss. 
Our first stop was Old Navy.  We both ended up with a ton of things to try on so we went into the handicap room to try on together.  Let me tell you…. if there had been a video taken of us during that half our I can guarantee it would have gone viral on YouTube.  I envision it having a title like… “Delusional moms try on too-small clothing in Old Navy dressing room.”  I had to help Katie out of two dresses and the only thing that kept my fat sucked in was my thigh to boob spanx that I wore. 
We were laughing SO hard at ourselves.  I’m pretty sure everyone in the dressing room area could hear our loud, cackles as we fell into the walls of the dressing room in fits of laughter.   We laughed about spanx, and big boobs, and dresses that Katie got stuck in and stomach fat and our inability to judge exactly how fat we really are. 
I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a good laugh like that.  It was so needed.  I love that I have friends I can be so funny with, about such stupid things, and not feel self conscious about it.  Our day was just so great.  We vented about our potty mouthes with our kids, our short tempers, the probability that we’re scarring our children with threats and psycho mommy moments.  We laughed about our fat mom-bodies, our delusional views of what we really look like.  We had lunch and stuffed our faces and assured ourselves it was going straight to the fat bellies.  We shopped and people watched and gossiped and discussed hideous clothing trends.  We had a grand old time.   
I’m so lucky.  Lucky to have a great girlfriend I can laugh with and lucky to have a day away from my kids to regroup.  Now onto Monday…. another week of the daily grind coming on up!

  1. i had a great day with a girlfriend on saturday too 🙂 it's amazing how it can reset your whole outlook!

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