A permanent fixture

The car topper has become quite the joke.   We’ve been home from vacation for 5 days and it is still on there.   Last night I was grumpy.  Really grumpy.   And Ryan said he wasn’t going to take the effing topper off last night so I said “Then let’s see how you like driving that biotch to work tomorrow!”

Well… today I had to run errands.  Ran into a friend at Target who, as we walked out to the parking lot, said she couldn’t remember where she parked.  

“You wouldn’t forget if you had one of these on your car!”

And then at Meijer, as I was unloading the kids, another friend drove by and said “Ma’am… where can I get one of those for my car?”

I about died laughing.  

It’s turning into the butt of all jokes.   Awesome.

  1. hi Nicole..i use to read your blog all the time, since Porter was born and started following and catching up again…this post really hits home…my youngest is 7 and my oldest is 11..i have moved room after room and having trouble dealing with the fact my kids are past all the baby, toddler, preschool stage..but i still cant let go of the playrooms but have moved them downstairs…we had a huge flood in january and had the house renoed and there are no toys on the main floor..i couldnt figure out why i was feeling so anxious and depressed, my house is finally clutter free but i hate it…my kids are grown…when i read this post it all made sense…you are such a great, real mom and reading your blog makes me feel like im doing things okay…thank you for sharing…sorry for the novel but wanted you to know how much you helped mejen

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