Happy Easter, little stinkers!

Since we were not going to be home for Easter I had planned ahead and bought and packed up te goodies that “the Easter bunny” would be delivering. I, stupidly, left the bag in my closet with plans to pack it. The boys, however, decided to go into my closet randomly one day and found all their loot. They ratted themselves out when I got home and I just shrugged my shoulders and said “Happy Easter… That’s what you’ll be getting in your Easter basket!” Not much else I could do. I wasn’t going to rebuy new stuff. So, they can out two and two together as to who the Easter Bunny is. Honestly though, we don’t really incorporate the Easter bunny a whole lot- I think they’ve maybe seen the Easter bunny twice in their lives (not sure Hudson ever has…?) and we just don’t really play up that part of Easter too much.

I will be excited to see their faces in the morning when they find all their goodies!

Yes, my kids are totally color codes. p is always green. H is always red. If one if those colors is not sail able I substitute for blue. :-).

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