Room Swap

I swear our house is forever revolving rooms.  If it isn’t kids moving rooms, I’m rearranging.

Let’s see…. Porter went from the “blue room” that is now currently Amelia’s to the “guest room” and then into Hudson’s room for a bit and is now back in his room- aka the “original guest room.  

Amelia’s room used to be the guest room (the 2nd guest room… remember, Porter took over the first guest room).  

The guest room moved to the basement and took over my office.

My office moved to the other half of the family room. WHEW.

We decided to swap the playroom (a smaller room off the living room  with my office space in the basement.  This would give us a family room/playroom space in the basement as well as the guest room/laundry room down there.   So this week I spent my days trying to organize the rooms and get everything switched over.  

Since flooring isn’t in the budget, I decided to paint the basement floor.  Half the basement is carpeted (the guest bedroom and family room area) but this other half of the basement is just the concrete.  So, I painted!  It looks so much better.

Please don’t mind our jankety paneling and missing ceiling tiles.   The basement is so far down on our list of things to re-do 🙂 🙂

So, my office is now upstairs right off the living room.  It is a much better fit, and it actually freed up an entire corner in the living room!  I spent a lot of time today trying to go through things and organize, but have a looong way to go!   Its hard to cram photography/office/household papers/scrapbooking stuff all into one little room without it looking cluttered.   I have a HUGE stack of the boys’ artwork to go through and hope to get my scrapbook stuff straightened out so that I can attempt to jump back into that little hobby every once in awhile.   I’ll have to post “after after” pictures once it’s all organized and decorated.   I’m thinking of velcroing a skirt of some sort under the countertop so that you don’t see the clutter/storage under there?  

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