Awana Fun Night

Another year of Awanas come and gone.   The boys had awards last week.  Porter was like 3 verses away from finishing his book.   Hudson earned many patches this year.

I’m so glad we switched churches/Awanas programs.  Bethel’s Awanas program is so much more organized (though it is across town instead of just down the road), and has many more activities for the kids.  They earn their patches and jewels in a more timely manner as they complete verses and sections in their books.   Each week they have a different theme for kids to participate in (such as- wear your favorite cartoon character, nerd night, bring something you can fit in your pocket, and dress like a present for Jesus).

We almost didn’t attend the fun night as Hudson was invited to a birthday party and Porter had baseball.  However, we let them decide what they wanted to do and they chose Awanas.

This was also Hudson’s last year of Cubbies.  So sad!  Next year he’ll be in Sparks with Porter.

The cubbies did stations for their fun night…. they had a bounce house, balloon man, make a cement stepping stone, face painting and shaving cream toy hunt.   I was really impressed with how much time and effort was put into the activities!    Porter’s group did some kind of stations as well, with different carnival type games as well as a craft station and ice cream sundaes and popcorn.

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