First Birthday High Chair Makeover

A few weeks ago I found a picture of an adorable old high chair (painted) with a banner hanging from it.  Perfect prop for a one year birthday.  So I began the hunt for an old high chair for Amelia’s birthday.
Within a week I’d found one… in Blissfield.  It was old.  It was in rough (cosmetic) shape.   We drove an hour to get it and then I put the boys to work washing it down.

I sanded it, and then painted it.  And then sanded it again.   And finally it was ready.   I still have yet to take her outside to do an “official” birthday shoot with it (with a prettier background than the siding of our house) but you get the idea….



  1. Oh my goodness…how CUTE! And Happy Birthday Amelia! She has grown so much (I miss catching up and seeing everyone's posts on FB). Hope you are well!

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