WAHM benefits.


They usually are filled with to do lists of laundry and editing and emailing clients and dishes and more laundry and bills and grocery shopping. All the things needed to catch up from the weekend. Oh yeah, and taking care of the kids. That would be a big one.

Today was no different. I was gone late yesterday at a session in Bloomfield Hills. I got home at 10pm and had a couple client orders to place with my lab. I didn’t get to bed until 2am. Amelia was up bright and early at 6:30 (thanks to Hudson screaming for toilet paper from the bathroom.). I had all intentions of buckling down and getting a lot of things accomplished. I have a few sessions to edit and I’m weeks behind on Project Life. I had a stack of bills to pay and piles of laundry to catch up on.

Carrie texted me asking about places to take Teddy (her 1-year old). I suggested the treehouse and then thought… Why not join them? I started to respond but then deleted my words. Then I looked at my babies and thought…. There aren’t many more Mondays ill be able to just pick up and take them somewhere fun, to spend the day with them.

I hopped in the shower and was ready in record time. A few girlfriends met up with us- Carrie brought Teddy, Heather brought Rowen and Karinya brought Katherine (which Hudson was thrilled about… Someone his age!) and John.

I had only planned to spend 2 hours there, tops. We ended up staying and chatting until past 2:00. It was nice to “skip work” today and make some memories with the kiddos? Because I’m sure down the road they’ll be more likely to remember the day mom threw her list away and packed them up for a fun day out instead of entertaining themselves and watching tv all day. I hope I can try to remember these type if days are needed once in awhile, if not on a regular basis. Work will always be there. “When in doubt, choose the kids. Work can come later…”

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