going granola

It all started with an amber teething necklace.  At least, I guess that’s where it started.   I saw a few babies wearing them online and I loved the idea of a natural way to alleviate teething pain.

Then I nixed our all purpose household cleaner and replaced it with vinegar and water.   Studies showed that vinegar is better than bleach at staving off bacteria anyhow.

And now the oils.   Oh how I love the oils.  I was a complete and utter skeptic at first- through and through.   But one by one my friends online began raving about them and my interest was peaked.

The more I think about the oils I find it funny how I was skeptical.  I questioned how something natural and from the earth could possibly help our bodies.   But have I ever questioned how Advil or Benadryl worked?  Have I ever questioned how a man-made chemical produced to alter our bodies chemistry worked inside my body?   It is funny to think that people scrutinize oils- something natural- because they are far less mainstream than OTC drugs, but the very thing that is furthest from natural is considered the “norm”.

I was chatting with Jessica the other night as she was really interested in trying the oils on her two youngest daughters.  Well, her other girls as well, but her main reason for interest was her younger girls.   Anyhow, we started talking organic food, and I was laughing at how when we started getting our eggs from our neighbor- who has chickens solely for farm fresh eggs- that I was totally “weird” about eating them.  Like, I thought they were going to taste weird, or that they were going to “spoil” quicker or something.   But I did a little research into store bought eggs and was pretty grossed out to find out that store bought eggs were likely months old by the time they make it to your fridge.  Whaaat?

After talking organic foods with Jessica I got into another conversation with my friend Heather about organic eating.   Gahhh.  All this talk!   The next day we needed groceries SO badly, so H, A and I went to Meijer after dropping P off at school.   I was so so proud of myself- I bought LOTS of organic stuff!   And I have been trying really hard to shop more from the outside perimeter of the groceries rather than the “processed” foods in the middle.   I’m super excited to check out Trader Joes in A2 soon, and hopefully will be able to make a bi-monthly trip there to pick up organic produce and other goodies as from what I’ve heard, their prices are GREAT for organic.

A few weeks ago I planted a garden, so hopefully this summer we’ll have some homegrown veggies and strawberries!   I wish we had garden-growing weather for more of the year 😦

I’ve also been looking into making soaps- laundry detergent, hand soap, body wash etc…  I did buy some borax awhile back to make laundry detergent but so far all I’ve done with it is make ant poison!

All this talk just cracks me up.   Never ever in a million years would I imagine myself turning crunchy granola-y.  Never.  This evening our neighbor Gary was out in his yard and he says to me “I was laughing yesterday to myself and said- you know you live in suburbia when you’re out mowing the lawn, your wife and mother in law are drinking wine and grilling dinner, and your next door neighbor has a baby on one hip and a basket of laundry on the other to hang on the clothes line”  It made me laugh too!

So, hopefully all these funny changes will turn into something great.   I want to try to start making a “clean meal” a week, but will maybe start with one every other week, and move up to one clean meal a week.  I love this idea of the 14 weeks of mini-pledges.   It will be hard to cut out processed foods, but I want to try to slowly switch over things and try to make better eating choices for our family.   Baby steps.  Baby steps.

  1. I don't think it makes your granola-y at all! The organic, oils, whole foods eating thing is pretty normal where I live (among my friends at least). I think its awesome!

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