Hudson Riley | 5 years old

Dear Hudson, 
It seems unreal to me that you are turning 5.  In my mind, you are forever my 2 year old.  Not because you can act like a 2 year old with the best of them, but for some reason your 2 year old self just sticks in my mind.  Always.   For you to be old enough to be heading off to kindergarten blows my mind.
For months leading up to your birthday you’d randomly say “Mom, I feel like I’m FIVE years old today!”  (sometimes it was 7 years old…just depended).  It was just too cute.  You told me when you push sissy’s orange and yellow toy (a walker) that you feels like you’re 5 years old.
When you woke up on your birthday you were bright eyed with wonder, exclaiming “Am I really 5 years old now?!?”   Throughout the day you’d come up to me and say “Mom, I can NOT believe I’m 5 years old!   IIIII love it!”
What can I say about you, kid?  Oh you march to the beat of your own drum, that’s for sure.  I love you to pieces for it.  You truly goes with your gut and don’t care what others think.  That is one thing I pray never changes about you…. that you just doesn’t care what others think of you.  Be yourself.  Always.
This year we’ve really been working on getting you out of your shell when it comes to strangers.  You’re terribly shy when unfamiliar people with talk to you, and while as a toddler it was acceptable to brush it off and apologize for your shyness, we feel like you’re at the age where we need to encourage you to cope with those stranger anxieties of talking to strangers.  Ignoring people or just staring at them when they ask questions isn’t acceptable.  You’re doing great with being pushed outside of your comfort zone, although it hasn’t been without struggle.
You are still Mr. Stubborn- at baseball last week you decided you were just done…. so you sat down on the field (the infield, at that!).  Daddy and I laughed because well, we know your personality.  We laughed even harder when your coach came over to chat with you and encourage you to stand up.  You did stand up- for about 30 seconds and then sat right back down.
There are still words you say that remind me of how little you still are.  I will never correct you on these, and I will surely be sad when you start saying them correctly.   Basketti (spaghetti).  Heliglopter (helicopter). Taxidy (taxi).  Benember (remember).  Fravorite (favorite).  Rest-you-rant (restaurant). Ong-ions (onions). 
You’ll always be my sweet little nugget, and I hope you always know I love you to pieces.  I pray that you never lose your self confidence.

Some of Hudson’s favorites:
    • Animal:  Horse       
    • Color:  Red
    • Movie:  Cars 2 and Cars
    • Person:  Oma
    • Song:  The Wheels on the Bus
    • Food:  Gummies
    • Drink:  Pop (he loves to sneak sips from ours)
    • Number:  5

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