Hudson’s Birthday WEEK!

I was able to convince him to have a painting party for his birthday instead of ANOTHER Lightning McQueen party (it would have been the 4th year in a row!!).  He does love painting, so it worked out great.  However, I didn’t escape his birthday completely unscathed from Lightning McQueen paraphernalia.  He wanted so badly some McQueen rain boots.  I had to hunt those down and, typical me, did it the night before his birthday.   Thank you, Walmart!   He was also due for a new bike, as his 12″ bike was getting a little short for him.  I considered choosing something non-character for his bike but I knew his heart would just explode to get a McQueen bike.  So, god-awful McQueen bike it is!

Oma started a tradition this year of taking the kids out to lunch and shopping for their birthday present.  Hudson was giddy as all get out for his “date with Oma”.  He had his clothes all planned out… matching, of course… down to his red undies and his McQueen socks.  I just love his style.  HAHA!  The went to the Toy House (where he somehow finagled a Bruder cement mixer out of Oma) and then to his FRAVORITE place to eat- Subway!  I love that he gets to do these special things with Oma.


Later that day my mom came over and gave him his bike.   He was so so excited!   He kept telling me “This is the best day EVER!”


His birth-day was pretty low key.  My mom brought the girls over and we had KFC for dinner, then let the kids run through the sprinkler.  We’re saving all the fun for his party on Saturday!

This week was a pretty big week for him- full of so many milestones.  He turned 5.  He went to his last day of Pre-School and he had his Pre-School graduation!    I’m so glad I decided to take the kids’ pictures on the first and last day of school.  It is amazing how much they change in one short school year.

I’m not sure Hudson knew what to expect from his graduation.  He mostly sat kind of stunned in the chairs in front of the crowd.  When I walked into the gym and looked at the pictures on the walls of the kids throughout the year, I got so choked up.   I was certain I was going to bawl.  I did pretty good and held back- probably because I was focused on trying to video and take pictures at the same time (with my Mark II).

His teachers gave out awards to the kids for things they were interested in during the year and how that would translate into a future career.  Hudson’s award was for being a Future Doctor because he always loved to play with the doctor kit.  Interesting!   I wouldn’t have guessed that.



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