Captain Literal

This is Hudson’s first year of t-ball, and aside from soccer when he was 4, it is his first organized sport. He hasn’t been all to interested in t-ball once his practices and games started, but he did participate, though never expressed really loving it.   His first game cracked us up because his coach would tell the kids to get “Baseball ready” on the field and Hudson would get his mitt/hands on his knees.  And stay that way.  The entire time he’s on the field.  Balls were hit past him.  Baseball ready he stayed.  We cracked up at how literal he took it.  
His second game his stubbornness started to show.  He wasn’t fond of playing in the field (what kids are??) and while playing 2nd base decided to just sit.  On the field.   His coach tried giving him a pep talk.  Ryan and I snickered, telling each other “He doesn’t know who he’s talking to… hahhaaha!”  Well Hudson did stand up for the coach.  And the second he walked away, on the ground he was again.  We just laughed- that’s our Hudson. 
At his game tonight we almost quit.  He was upset at home because he’d left a toy at Aunt Heather’s house, so he had a literal meltdown the entire way to the game and was not happy about team pictures.  Pretty sure he’s the kid covering his face in them.   It’ll be a good pic to look back on that’s for sure.  
So, they play 3 innings.  We couldn’t get him to play the first inning.  The second inning he batted as long as I walked the bases with him.  He did play in the field too.  The third inning Amelia and I cheered him on to “go get the ball!” and something clicked.   He ran to catch the ball.  And he smiled!  After each batter made it to 1st base he’d come running up to me, I’d tell him good job and tell him to go back out and get the ball because the batter was going to hit it to him.   He had a blast!  
After that inning was done he came up smiling and I hugged him and asked “Did you have a good time?”  “Yeah!”   Then I asked “Did you know that you were supposed to run after the ball when you were out there?”  Laughing he says “No I didn’t!”  HAHAH!  So this entire time he thought he was supposed to just stand out there.  NO WONDER he thought his games were so boring!!! 

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