falling waters trail family bike ride

Sunday was a gorgeous day- not too hot and no rain!  With a little persistence from me (towards Ryan…. the kids were down for it), we packed up the crew and bikes and headed for the Falling Waters Trail.   Kind of crazy we’ve never biked it before, although I guess last year was really the first year Hudson was biking on his own and at that point Amelia was too tiny.   Hmm.  
We started at the New Leaf Park- on the inner city trail, and rode about 2.5 miles down through the Falling Waters Trail.  It was so peaceful and nice (well, if you imagined being on the trail without two boys fighting about who was passing who, or a husband barking at the kids to stay on one side of the trail, or a baby screaming because she was tired….).  We did have to make a potty break for Porter at the trail head on Weatherwax Rd, but good to know that a port a potty is available. 
The 2.5 mile ride back to the car was the un-fun part.  Amelia screamed most of the way, and I was getting grumpy even though I tried really hard to stay positive so Negative Nancy (aka Ryan) would try to enjoy the ride.  
We’ll definitely be going back again- I’d love to make it an every-Sunday tradition… maybe pack a picnic lunch and take the bikes to church… head there straight from church?  Hmm.  I wonder if we can get that organized…

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