Down the drain, literally

Well, our first week of Summer Break is officially over… and down the drain.   It was a total flop.   It started out great– Sunday we went on a bike ride but by Monday morning, things were looking bad.

Porter woke up and threw up.  Poor guy spent the entire day sick in the chair in the living room, barely eating anything more than toast and gatorade.   By the evening he was perking up a little bit…  I went to boot camp at Marleen’s and got my butt whooped.  WHEW I’m out of shape!

Tuesday was pretty decent… the kids seemed okay.  We got a lot done in the yard- watered and weeded teh garden, mowed the lawn, did a few loads of laundry and dried on the line.   Eian came over in the evening and we had him stay the night.  The boys fell asleep on the sectional in the basement watching a movie.

Somewhere in the middle of the night between Tuesday and Wednesday Amelia woke up puking.  How gross it was ham and strawberries.  I changed her sheets and jammies and put her back to bed.  Then Hudson woke up puking.  Then Amelia puked again, so I changed her sheets AGAIN.  And then Hudson puked.  You get the idea, right?   I ended up crashing in Hudsons room in the extra bed, and it seemed like every time I got back into bed and was about to fall asleep, someone was crying because their tummy hurt or was puking.

By the morning on Wednesday I was a zombie.  Ryan was up for work so I told him to take Eian home.  I texted his mom and sent him on his way.   All day Wednesday was a blur.  I was exhausted, the kids were all whiny and not feeling well.  Hudson disappeared mid-morning and I found him sleeping in his room.  That’s when you know he feels like crap!   He woke up for a bit in the afternoon and then went back to sleep for awhile.  He was so lethargic and sad looking.

Wednesday night Ryan came home sick…. here we go!   I needed to go grocery shopping, but Ryan suggested I just order in dinner and then go in the morning. SURE!   Porter and I got pizza and not an hour after eating I was throwing up.   Off to bed we all went.

Thursday of course the kids were feeling better but I felt like crud.  On top of that we had NO food in the house (remember… I was supposed to be grocery shopping!!).  Thank goodness my mom was able to come by and bring some bread, butter, 7 up and some snacks for the kids.  By the afternoon I was feeling much better. WHEW!

So our first week literally was a blur of puking and lack of sleep.    It was great, let me tell ya….

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