Stop, Drop and Enjoy

Today was a super busy day for me, work-wise, and I let the boys know the night before that I’d be really busy and would need them to be super helpful to me.  Well, they did a great job all day— I let them build a fort in the living room (well, I helped them a bit) and they watched a few movies.   I was able to get some work done, and be available via chat for my teammates, with minimal meltdowns from me.  HAHA!  
By late afternoon when Amelia woke from her nap, things had calmed down and I decided to send the boys outside and play dressup with Amelia.  Oh boy.  It was SO SO humid out!  I was taking her outside in her different outfits to take a few pictures of her in each and by the end of a half hour I was sweating like a pig.   It felt like the air was just drenched with water.  
It wasn’t long before it started to rain.  It rained HARD!  I told the boys to run outside and play.   What is wrong with my kids… they were all “Noooo I don’t want to get wet!”  Oh my it was the BEST rain to play in… it was coming down in big, fat raindrops!  So, I undressed Amelia and ran outside with her and spun her around in the rain.  She was laughing so hard, her eyes in little half moons.

The boys came out with umbrellas and I coaxed them to strip to their undies and get wet!  They finally did and had SO much fun.  I ran in to get my umbrella to capture a few pictures.  So so glad I did.  These are some of my favorites.   

We all came in soaked, but cooled off and refreshed feeling after this hot, muggy day.  

  1. those are awesome pics! my eldest thinks that if it rains it means that lightening is going to strike him down or a tornado is imminent. I doubt he'd try this, but I'll have to keep it in mind!

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