Prayers needed

Words have left me short on this topic, because all I can really, truly say is cancer sucks.  Simply said.  It fucking sucks.

My family tree has a lot of cancer, and I’m pretty certain at some point in my life I’ll have my own battle with cancer.  That’s scary to think.  And sad that it just seems so…. strange to just accept that it’s a reality. 
My great grandma and all her sisters had breast cancer.  My aunt had breast cancer before she was 40. And this May, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer.
In a way I feel confident that she will defeat in this.  This is my grandma… she’s been through the wringer and always comes out on top.  But there’s always that scary reality that things could turn for the worst. 

This is my grandma… who I spent weeks with as a toddler, flying to Michigan with her from Texas.  Who took care of me on sick days when my mom had to work or go to school, who watched The Price is Right with me before kindergarten.  The grandma who I was always excited to have sleepovers at her house and she’d take me to the store to get a craft or art kit.  The grandma who spoiled the hell out of us at Christmas, who bought me a cockatiel for my 13th birthday.  The grandma who makes the best chocolate pie ever for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The one I would willingly spend weekends with as a teenager, just to get out of the house.   The grandma who always had red hots in a candy dish on her counter.  The grandma who became Oma to my babies, and has been there for them from day one- always willing to take care of them and love on them.  The Oma who Hudson surely won’t be able to live without ever- so she MUST live forever.  Or at least until he’s able to understand the circle of life.  

Tomorrow afternoon she has surgery to remove the lump in her breast.  It seems, so far, that it should be uncomplicated and she’ll have to have radiation.   But she also has (a lack of) blood clotting issues so that makes surgery so scary too.  She can get a little cut and it’ll bleed for days.   The thought of the bad things that could happen tomorrow are suppressed deep down, but I know they’re real.

So please, if you’re the praying type, say a prayer for her.  She’s the best.  

  1. Please tell her that I'm thinking about her and praying that everything goes well. I can't think of a grandma who's more loved by her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. She WILL pull through this for all of you!!

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