Labor Day was not labor-free.

Ryan’s Uncle Vince is in town and he laughed this evening as he noticed all our neighbors mowing their lawns.  “Isn’t today Labor Day?  Doesn’t that mean you’re not supposed to work?”

Yeah… not around here.   This morning I started out making some signs I have to get done this week.  I also decided to paint the hutch in the dining room.  Looks MUCH better.  I got a load of laundry done and Ryan did some yard work.  We also found a rock had hit the sliding glass door to the above-the-garage apartment the other day and shattered the door.  So… Ryan spent some part of the day sweeping up glass.  Fun times!

I feel pretty accomplished, though!  Feels good to get some things done.    Porter spent the afternoon with the neighbors at their grandparents house.  Hudson felt a bit left out so I called my friend Karinya and had her drop her daughter Katherine off to play.  Oh Katherine is a hilarious nugget.  Karinya is always posting funny things she says.  Today, as I’m painting in the driveway she comes up to me and says “I’m an artist, too, you know.”  I about died.  So. Darn. Funny.

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  I officially will have a 2nd grader and Kindergardener.  I can’t believe it.  I’m feeling so anxious for Hudson.  He’s nervous.  He really doesn’t want to go to school.  I hope he’s going to feel okay once he gets into class.  He’s sitting at the same table as Lilly, his little preschool crush.   The boys have had their hair trimmed, baths taken, and their clothes laid out for the morning.  We, sadly, are missing new school shoes as they’ve been ordered but have not arrived.  Bummer.  I have their backpacks all ready, and filled with their new supplies. (Speaking of… Mom of the Year here… I pulled out Porter’s backpack from the closet tonight- still dirty and filled with last years’ old crayons and pencils. Oops!)  I have their lunches packed and was feeling quite nostalgic making TWO lunches this year.    I’m hoping to keep on top of preparing for the day the night before.   Who am I kidding… that’ll last until like… tomorrow.

While I am feeling sad that my boys are no longer home with me at all during the week, I’m really looking forward to the year with Amelia.  It blows my mind that I’m starting the SECOND school year being a Work at Home Mom.  I love it.  It is by no means EASY, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way.  No matter how many times I feel like I fail my kids, or my clients, or my housework…. I know that I’m doing my best and that the struggle is worth it to have the flexibility to be here for my kiddos and make my own hours.

I hope to do a few Mommy-and-Me activities with Amelia this year.  Tomorrow we’re getting the boys off to school and then in the afternoon I’m going to take her to the barn to go horseback riding.  We have to meet the vet out there anyhow to have a Coggins test pulled, so I’m going to make the most of the trip out there.  On Wednesdays we’re doing a baby signing class.  This lasts 4 weeks, so I’m already on the look out for something to do with her after that.  I’m thinking swimming classes would be right up her alley as she LOVES the water.   Or some kind of tumbling class.  Sitting-still-listening classes are going to be a challenge, but we’ll see.  

So… adios summer… we’re going to miss you so much.  It was way too short.  But alas, here’s to a new school year.  I’m excited for the new adventures it holds!

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