the week from hell

Somehow, my husband leaves town for a week and my world starts to fall apart.  Hmm.  

Ryan was sent to Seattle for a week for training for a new saw his company was purchasing and he would be responsible for programming.  I usually don’t mind him being gone, and was not worried at all about having a week without him. 

I quickly began to wish he was home asap. 
Let’s see… 

Before Ryan left, I got a phone call from my mom that her Uncle George (far left) had passed away suddenly at home.  He is my grandma’s brother, and he lives just a couple miles from us.  I remember spending many holidays and events at he and Aunt Pat’s house when I was a child.  My favorite memories there are fishing off the dock or pontoon, their pet squirrel “TreeLake” and their two dogs Max and Maggie.  For the past 4 years or so we’ve spent 4th of July at their house on the lake.  I’m so thankful for these annual memories!

Because Uncle George passed away, mom had to get a quick flight into MI from DC.  I usually pick her up, so no big deal… Amelia and I set off to Lansing to pick her up, even killing an hour in the Salvation Army.  We get to the airport and I decided to go in since Amelia had been in the car for awhile already.  We were just hanging out, running around and waiting for my mom.

Here’s Amelia… having a blast…

Until I realized we were at the wrong airport.

My FB status:

So we went to the Lansing Airport to pick my mom up today….. She flew into Detroit. #theuniversehatesme

Luckily my sister in law lives not far from the Detroit airport and our truck was there from Ryan leaving for Seattle.  (we usually park at her house and then have her drop us off at the airport).  So, she picked my mom up and my mom drove the truck home. 

And then… the dogs.  OhHhhh the dogs.  

My FB status:
The dogs took off again. My day can’t possibly get worse can it? Their new escape plan is breaking the wood privacy fence to get out. As you can see, we have already patched it twice. I seriously hope they get hit by a car and die. But with my luck they’d just be seriously injured. In this case, I’m calling someone with a gun to shoot them. I’m over it.

And well, then I ended up with an Instragram hater. 

FB status:
I love people that don’t get me. Susan check your mail…. Two dogs will be coming Fed Ex to ya! They had the audacity to come back home at 1:30am barking, after I was cozy in bed. 

Next FB Status:Not only did they come home sopping muddy with swamp water at 1:30am, but they also tore up the garbage I had sat outside the front door to take out in the morning. Hope you enjoyed diapers for dinner because if you’re not home at dinner time you don’t eat. House rule. @susanguckel keep an eye out in the mail for ’em. Ill send the garbage with them. They may get hungry on the trip. #mydogsaredouches

And then on Tuesday… remember how my mom drove Ryan’s truck home?  Well she parked it at the very end of the driveway— where I’m not used to having it parked.  And so I did a very Nicole-Thing to do….

My week keeps getting better and better! Backed into Ryan’s truck in my own driveway. If I don’t shoot myself I’m sure he is going to. #theuniversehatesme#thisweeksucks

Later that day:
Who has a voodoo doll of me? I’m taking bets on whether or not this turns into something serious this week. Ughhhh


And even later that day:
The dogs escaped again. Busted more boards. And killed our neighbors 6 chickens and 2 turkeys. What. The. Hell. I don’t know what to do.

Is this hand, foot, mouth!?!?  
I wish I were making this up. I’m ready to crawl in a hole and hide until Ryan comes home Saturday. ughhhhhhhh.

This would be the icing on my hell-week cake. Lice in the classroom. Gahhhhhhh!!!!

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