First Riding Lesson

Porter has surprised me with the amount of interest he has in Lacey and riding.  Whenever I go to the barn he begs to go with me, and pouts when I tell him I’m going alone. (after all, this is MAMA time, right??).  We’ll see how long this lasts.   He says he really wants to learn to jump, so hopefully I can teach him most of the basics and then we’ll have to talk about getting him into lessons because I have no idea on jumping skills.

This afternoon while Ry took Hudson to soccer practice, Porter and I went to the barn for his first “official” riding lesson.   (I’m telling you, though, I am in desperate need of lessons again myself!  You forget a LOT after 10 years away from daily riding!)  He was really excited to get Lacey out of the pasture and wanted to learn all about the other horses (which I know nothing about, except for Silver- who Lacey has become very fond of!).  Once I haltered Lace, I let him lead her up to the barn.  He is so confident with her, and she is such a good girl with him.  It melted my heart to see MY child leading MY childhood horse.  I never imagined this would come so full circle… that my kids would enjoy this sweet mare that I grew up with.

I taught Porter some basic grooming things, and he found a cut on her back leg, which was likely from fighting with other horses for rank in the pack.  He immediately said “Mom, we should put some lavender on it!”  Gawd I love that kid.  Once she was all ready to go we took her out to the small arena and he got his first taste of riding English.   I don’t have a western saddle, so he’s going to have to learn to ride english for now.  And I guess if he wants to jump he’ll have to ride english anyhow!  I was able to flip the stirrups over the saddle so that they were short enough for his legs.  And then he pulled the typical attitude with mom deal.  Whined about keeping his heels down, whined about having to hold the reins gathered instead of loose like he did riding Rocket, whined about having to ride on the lunge line instead of going off on his own, whined because I wouldn’t let him trot her.  UGH.   He finally, halfway thorough, realized he wasn’t going to get the privilege of riding her if he didn’t do it my way. He ended up doing great, and I’m looking forward to helping him learn more!  
After his “lesson” he sat and played Minecraft while I rode for a bit.  I think he’s going to end up being my barn buddy- this little schedule could work out nicely!  I’m seriously considering a 2nd horse in the spring though, if he decides he is really loving riding (and, well, it’d be nice for Ry to come ride with me too!).  I just wish we had our own property- it’d be so much more affordable!  I actually, though, really would love to get a younger horse as a “project horse” for me- I’d love to someday get back into showing, possibly jumping though I would LOVE to learn more about dressage techniques.  Let’s face it- Lacey is 20, though she doesn’t look it she is at some point going to have to take it easy.

All this is such crazy talk.  I can’t believe that Lacey is mine again, and that I’m actually able to fit horses back into my life.  I love it.  It feels like such a huge piece of my life is back in place.  

  1. I am so happy for you, Nic!!!!! I also love the fact you are able to share Lacey with your children!!!! How fortunate!!!! So proud of Porter too!!!!

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