Disney Day 5: Back to Magic Kingdom

Monday we went back to Magic Kingdom.  Our plan for this day was to hang out until a bit after lunch, then head back to the condo to nap for the afternoon and then go back to MK for the parade and fireworks at night.   
My mom stayed back at the condo for the morning trip to Magic Kingdom.  The weather was great- not too hot at all (I’d say mid 70’s in the morning??) and the crowds were VERY low, despite hearing that Mondays were a busy day for MK.   We did arrive early- we were in time to see the welcoming show before they opened the gates to Magic Kingdom.   The characters came in on the train and they sang and danced. It was great!   

Since we didn’t get to ride Peter Pan on Thursday, Ryan headed straight there once we got inside.  The kids and I took our time wandering Main Street trying to figure out where the characters were going to be so we could see them.  Turns out the disperse all throughout the lands of Magic Kingdom so we decided to head back and meet Ryan in Fantasyland. 
The castle was closed on Thursday when we were there (I think possibly because of the Mickey’s Christmas Party that was Thursday night??).  We were able to walk through the castle and decided to hop in line to meet some of the Princesses.   Amelia really doesn’t know who they are right now, but we did prep the boys in the past 2 months by watching all sorts of old Disney movies.  They were super shy meeting the princesses and really didn’t want to get near them.   
Amelia was so darling with Cinderella!  She did this funny little quirk she has when she’s nervous and plays with her fingers.  All of the princesses were great in character.  Amelia high-fived them and Snow White says “Oh you can give high fives!  I’ve been trying to teach Dopey that for months!”  

 She cracked me up when they met Sleeping Beauty.  Amelia was full of it by then and kept trying to hide in her curtains.  The poor boys were just like…. uhhh…. what do we say to this princess???  HAHAHAH!

Amelia’s favorite… MINNIEEEEE!!  

She passed out in Tomorrowland during the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

Waiting for Space Mountain!

The parade!

We came back for the night festivities.   This was the last night we were able to see the parade/fireworks as the following evening was the Mickey’s Christmas Party (which would have cost us $300 to attend).  I’d read that for the Electric Parade we could find seats around half an hour early but…. we got there at 5:15 (the parade started at 6) and the streets were PACKED.   One of the cast members told us to head to Frontierland as the crowds would be thinner and we’d find a seat, then we could move back in toward the castle for the fireworks as they fill the streets in.   Seemed like a good plan at the time.

We watched the parade- awesome.  Kids loved it.  Then we went to head back to the castle and the streets were packed. See… the parade ended in Frontierland which meant by the time it ended for us it had been over for awhile back on Main STreet… thus the crowds had filed in and packed the streets before we even finished watching the parade.  We had barely got in sight of the castle and the castle projection show started.  And at this point Porter had to take a dump BAD…. he has his father’s stomach and he had to get to a bathroom ASAP.  Well, Ry took him so my mom, the kids and I tried to get in view of the projection show- one of THE main things I soooo wanted to watch.  The crowds were awful, it was hot, sticky and claustrophobic.  UGH.   We barely got to see the show and then we met up with Ryan and by then the fireworks started and we were behind a tree with terrible view of the fireworks.  I was bummed.  Porter was whiny and wanted to go back home.  We made him stick it out for a little bit while we took Hudson on Thunder Mountain Railroad one last time and then we headed home. I was disappointed that our evening was cut short.  I figured Fantasyland would have low crowds since a lot of little kids head home to sleep and we’d be able to get on some of the rides quickly but Porter wanted nothing to do with it.

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