Disney Day 6: Resort Tour

We bought 6 day passes to Disney but on our last day we couldn’t muster up the energy to go back to one of the parks.  The thoughts of walking in the sun all day, and standing in lines, and pushing a stroller and wrangling kids and quieting whining… bleh.   It was also my birthday, so I got to call the shots.

First off we all slept in.  We needed it!  (Well… wait… I bet my kids were up early with my mom, but she is awesome and I got to sleep in!).  Then I thought it’d be fun to go check out some of the resorts.  The main one I’d been interested in was Art of Animation so… we headed there!

I kid you not…. I think this was the happiest I’d seen the boys all week- posing with all the different Cars characters! What.  the.  hell.

Ryan also surprised me with Cirque du Soleil tickets for that evening!  I was SO excited, and really couldn’t believe it!  I’ve wanted to see Cirque for quite awhile but could never justify the expense of the tickets.  Well, our motto this week was “We don’t do Disney often…”   We were going to eat out afterwards but the kids were really excited to eat dinner with me on my birthday so we all headed to Applebees before Ry and I hit the town.  

Cirque du Soleil was AWESOME!   We had great seats— the stage was like less than 10 rows away.  I loved the performance.  Just amazing.   Afterward we walked around Downtown Disney enjoying a kid-free evening and then headed back to the condo.  I’d forgotten I really wanted to check out the outlets too, but oh well! 

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