I’ve come to the conclusion….

This was my 4th trip to Disney. I went as a child, when I was around 10. I went again as a senior in high school. My 3rd trip was when Porter was around 16 months old (and in June, when it was 104* ouch!!!).

While I think Disney is great, and fun, I’ve never been a die hard Disney addict— I’d much rather be on the beach relaxing for vacation. Disney— Disney isn’t a vacation. Is it just me that thinks that??

This trip was the first I’d really done a lot of planning for. I researched and scheduled and read up on things and got super excited about the trip. I was really actually thinking maybe this trip would turn us… that we’d fall in love and want to come back every year.

 Uhm, no.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t love Disney as much as I *wish* I loved Disney.

While we’ve had a great vacation, I’m just not feeling the love, ya know? The kids whine about walking, they’re tired, it’s too hot, they keep asking to go back to the condo to the pool. Blah blah blah. I know they’re having a great time and they’re really enjoying the trip, but it surely hasn’t been this over-the-top-magical-insanely-breathtaking vacation.

Maybe there are just certain people made for crowds, and lines and busy-ness. I’m not one of them HAHAH! Give me a tiny beach town away from the hustle and bustle and that’s the perfect vacation for me!

I will say, however, we DID look into the Disney Vacation Club while we were there.  Not because you can visit Disney World but because they have locations all over the world (over 500 resorts I believe??) and you buy in for $15k (make a down payment and then pay off over 10 years) and get annual stays at resorts for 50 years.  It really is a great deal, especially to be able to stay at the freak-frackin expensive resorts.   Points roll over for up to 3 years, and you can even sell them for up to $5k+ for the pricey resorts during prime season.   Not that its something we’re going to do right away but we’re on our way to getting student loans paid off (thuuuaaaankkk you Young Living!) and this might be something we look into in the near future!

My decision on Disney is possibly this…. while we loved the freedom of having a rental car and not being limited to taking busses and such back to the hotel, I think if/when we go back to Disney (because we’ll surely go back by the time Amelia is 5/6 or so…. if not sooner??) we will stay on site and do less days at the parks.  I was really bummed that Porter spent most of the day whining to go back to the condo and swim and do the g.d. arcade.  I think if we were to plan a 7 day vacay, do 4 days at the park (2 at Magic Kingdom and then 2 at say, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom or something) and then leave the other 3 days for relaxing at the pool and doing things at the resort.  I don’t like the idea of the COST of this… even at the cheap ass economy resorts with teensy tiny hotel room accommodations its still freakin’ expensive compared to renting a 1200sq ft 2 bedroom 2 bath condo.  We are contemplating a trip in another 2 years… maybe if we go with less days at the park it’ll be more fun?  I doubt it but… maybe.   HAHA!

  1. i've loved your disney posts, reminds me of our awesome trip last year! but i totally agree – disney is NOT that kind of relaxing vacation! we loved it but i wouldn't do it every year UNLESS maybe i could do a couple vacations and one was an actual relaxing one. our next family trip is in april and we're going to the beach with not a thing scheduled. 🙂

  2. I'm with you 100% Disney just makes me crabby. We had more fun hanging out by the hotel pool. We are heading to FL in a month and we are considering a day or 2 at disney, our kids are much older now and I think we all would enjoy it more, but we'll see!

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