February’s Kiwi Crate | Storytelling

If you want to check out January’s Kiwi Crate, that blog post is HERE.   If you want to try Kiwi Crate, I have a $10 off code for you!  Use this link: http://www.kiwicrate.com/Refer?i=NicoleB56 and you’ll get $10 off your first month order!

February’s Kiwi Crate is all about STORYTELLING!  Fun stuff!  

When you open up the crate you see your two “main” projects (I say “main” because there are always so many other activities inside too!)

On the back of that paper is this little cut out puppet Q&A as well as 2 stickers…. see in the background the paper on the table with all the circles?   Each month they get a new sticker for that crate.  They put the stickers on one of the circles on their “My Adventures with Kiwi Crate”… kinda cute!! 
First up is the “explore!” book about storytelling.  This book is kind of like a fun activity magazine.  You can see the pages in the background… a do it yourself spoon puppet activity, a where’s steve search and find….

further into the book is some parent resources, and another craft to make a monster bookmark. 
and still going…. a learning section of the book that tells different parts of storytelling, a little comic, and a make your own story.  
WHEW!  We haven’t even got to the actual crafts yet!   Here they are…. My Story Theater and My String Puppet….
On the very back of those tri-fold instruction books is “things to think about”… a little info!
Moving right along…. inside the instruction book… you can see how detailed it is! And FULL COLOR!

The materials provided for the string puppet….
And the 2nd activity…. the story theater.  

Lots of great materials included!  You can see the real-life picture of the final project…

The Kiwi Crates have definitely come in handy… we are STILL using things from the January Crate! While we made dinner I had the boys sit at the table and work on some of their “explore!” book.   They decided to draw the arctic scenes.  They spent over an hour doing this!!

Then we finished up our window clings from last months crate.  That was pretty fun.  I’m excited to see how they turn out tomorrow…

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