first day of daycare

I have decided to put Amelia on daycare two days a week.  This is causing me some mommy guilt.  First let me preface this with “I am IN LOVE with the daycare she is going to”.  Marleen is a good friend of mine and had taken care of Hudson from the time he was 1 until he went to preschool. She is amazing.  She loves her daycare babies and she is an amazing caretaker and teacher.  Yes.  She does amazing educational things every single day.  She is the best.  By far.

However.   I feel slightly guilty that I work from home and I’m “pawning” her off.  Now.  I can honestly say that I could send her to daycare 4 days a week and fill every hour of those days with work…. But even 2 short days feels so…. I don’t know.   
Mondays is my day to volunteer in the boys’ classrooms.  I’m gone from Amelia on Mondays anyhow, and I was having our teenage sitter come over on Thursdays to babysit while I was home so technically it’s a better situation for her to go to daycare because she’ll be around other kids her age and will be learning lots of educational things… Beyond what Sesame Street can teach her haha!
I’m really kind of excited for her to go.  Marleen was one of the reasons I had such a hard time deciding to stay home.  I love love loved her taking care of Hudson and when I quit my job I was so heartbroken that Amelia wouldn’t get the chance to be cared for by Miss Marleen.   I know she is going to love going. She’s such a social butterfly and so outgoing.  I can’t wait to see pictures and videos Marleen takes!  

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