Winter Updates

  • Hudson has become such an awesome reader.  He’s blown through the sight word list at school and is reading Junie B Jones books on his own.  So proud of him!   His newest thing is the where’s Waldo book and reading the lists in the back to find “extra” things to search for
  • Porter has also turned into a huge reader lately.  He really likes the magic treehouse books.  He will go through multiple chapters in one sitting.  I often find the boys reading at night and can’t bear to make them go to bed when they’re voluntarily reading!
  • Lately the boys have been sharing a room.  I love that every once in awhile they decide they want each others company.  I love peeking in before bed and seeing them sleeping in the same room
  • Winter has been long.  Too long.  I’m itching to get out of the house and itching for some major changes.  I go from wanting to move out of state to remodeling our house to redecorating rooms to moving to a new house in michigan.  Ryan’s feeling it too as he tore apart our 5th bedroom in the basement to drywall it.  And he’s great at tear out but apparently hasn’t had the motivation to work on the rebuilding part.
  • Ry is looking into transferring to a different branch of his company- in North Carolina.  We’ve always wanted to move there but just haven’t had the opportunity nor guts. Well, my job is providing far more than any outside the home job could and lucky for me I can work anywhere.  I’m excited at the opportunity but so nervous about the thought of leaving family.  I’m just not sure.
  • Adding another cup of water to the soup, we’ve begun exploring the local foster to adopt agencies near us.  I’ve always wanted to adopt a little girl from china and always have felt like I have a daughter that isn’t biological to me out there somewhere that belongs in our family.  Ryan is adopted, though he’s never felt a huge pull to adopt.  Or maybe any at all if I’m being truthful.  The biggest reason I’ve never thought it’d be part of our life was because I worked outside the home and also because of money.  But now I work from home and have a very flexible schedule, and money is not an issue. We have a few friends that foster and have/are adopting and I’ve really felt this tug to look into fostering to adopt. Ryan is opening up to the possibility- he’s up for a 4th child but he’s really hesitant about the potential heartache of saying goodbye to a foster child.  So, we will be meeting soon with a local foster to adopt agency to get more details.  I know we would be wanting to foster/adopt a little girl 2 or under.  We’ve asked the boys what they think about this and they were so excited.  They adore Amelia.  They argued over whose room the new little sister would get to share… They both want to share with a sister hahah!
  • I am finally discharged from physical therapy for my wrist and have been cleared to go horseback riding again!   Only…. I haven’t had the time to go!  I miss riding so much.  But part of me is kind of scared to risk falling on my wrist.  I’m hoping to make it out this weekend.
  • Porter started wrestling this winter.  He’s really doing well and catching on quickly.  Too bad wrestling tournaments are a lot of waiting around to watch 1 to 3 minutes of action.  And it makes me anxious watching these boys wrestle.  Gah!!   But he likes it.  So that’s good.  Now to find something that Hudson truly likes.  Hmm.   Not a fan of soccer.  Or basketball.  Or horseback riding (too smelly).  That boy….
  • Hudson has been going through this really scared phase.  He is scared of the dark, of being alone in a room at home, of waking upstairs alone and even showering alone.  He asks to leave the bathroom door open.  When he takes a shower he says “I feel like a ship is about to gonna fall on my head”.  What in the world??!?  He also is terrified of pictures of large ships.  And books about ships.  So strange.
  • Amelia started going to daycare 2 days a week.  I really needed to have at least one day a week where I had silence in the house- where I can work distraction free.  Miss Marleen wanted her 2 days a week (for consistency) so instead of my grandma watching her on Mondays while I volunteer in the boys’ classrooms, she goes to Marleens then as well.  She LOVES it there, and does such a great job.  Of course, I had no doubt that Marleen would love her and she does.  🙂  I love that she gets to be around other kids and do projects and crafts, and I get a day to spend with the boys at school and a day to work distraction free.  Win-win in my book!

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