dance class mom fail

I signed Amelia up for dance class for 2/3 year olds and was SO excited for her to go.  I ordered her a little leotard with skirt, ballet shoes and tights.  I knew she was going to love it- she LOVES to dance. After waiting 20 minutes for “her class” to start, we realized that the whole time we were waiting HER CLASS was in session!  Oops!  Good thing she was just as happy with hopping around the circles on the floor!  
Her first official class we made it to was as great as could be expected.  She went right into class, no issues at all.  She was ready!  I was afraid she’s be nervous or want me to go with her but no.  She walked right in and never looked back.  They crawled through tunnels, danced fast and slow, walked across balance beams, jumped through hoops on the ground.  She came out of class beaming, telling me ” I go a dance class!”   She loved it!   

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