back in the groove

Now that school is back in session, I feel like we’re settling into a more “normal” groove.  Lots of things still going on, but it feels more manageable.  It has been a crazy, busy month (football has taken over for realz… gah!) and I so need to go back and pull out some pictures and blog about them. Lots of firsts for these kiddos!

  • Porter is playing tackle football.  I’m not thrilled they start so young (3rd grade) but he really likes it.  He gets braver and more confident with each practices (says Ryan… because I stay home with Amelia….. she’s a wild beast at practice, trying to jump on the mats with all the big kids).   As much as I complain about practice time and the busy-ness, I love watching him play. 
  • Hudson is taking an art class- painting!  We signed him up for flag football but he refused to even attempt to participate so we aren’t going to push it with him.  He’s total opposite of Porter and I honestly don’t see him in physical sports, but we’ll see.  He was SO excited about the painting class!   
  • Amelia started dance class… Creative Movement.  She’s super excited to go, and oh my gawwwww kill me with cuteness!  Can I tell you how long I’ve waited to have a little girl to wear a cute little leotard and piggies?  GAWWW!  She went into class without looking back, and when she came out she was ALL smiles, saying “I went a dance class!  I got a sticker!”
  • I haven’t been out to ride Lacey as much as I’ve wanted to.  Once a week has been my average… which is phoooey.  But, it is what it is.  I finally ventured out into the trails/fields behind the barn and can’t believe its taken me that long to go check it out.  Perfect riding areas!  I only wish we had another horse so I could have someone come along and ride with me.  It gets kind of boring riding alone. 
  • Amelia and I are headed to South Carolina next week for a girls-only weekend.  Well, it was supposed to be kid-free but I had literally NO ONE to watch her so I’m taking her along.  It’ll be my grandma, mom, aunt, cousin, me and Amelia.  We’re going to Edisto Island.  I can’t wait. 4 full days of relaxing at the ocean. Heaven. 
Question for you readers…. we recently had an incident where I realized I REALLY needed to have parental security on our computer/internet for the kids.  So, our internet is pretty much locked down.  It has really opened my eyes to the age Porter is at, as well as how many things our kids are exposed to at such young ages.   Today Porter recognized this funny mom-parody (“All I need is Space”) as the tune to “All about the bass”.  I asked where he heard that song and he said he heard it at school.  So and so was on YouTube on the iPad.   (they have classroom iPads).  Kids at his school are also allowed to have iPods out on the playground.   Is it just me or….. does this seem inappropriate?  I mean, some of the “popular” music is soooo inappropriate for younger kids, and I’m sure half the parents don’t listen to what the lyrics are saying.  We’re really trying to watch what the boys are exposed to, and I’m just feeling uncomfortable with young kids having unmonitored access to YouTube and use of personal iPods with unmonitored materials on it.  What do you think?  

  1. So is it me or is there ike a million reasons why kids shouldn't have their ipods on the playground? Or possible a million and 16? Like in no way is that going to end well. Also, what the hell is with YouTube on the iPad in the classroom? I know up until this year WiFi was blocked in the classrooms but I think that may change as the teachers really want to be able to pull stuff in their class, which I get. The only time my kids are allowed YouTube is when they are sitting right in front of me. Side note – kids watch the lamest crap on it too, I swear. Kids these days…. hahahaha PS – quit making me feel guilty for not working on my blog!

  2. Ipods on the playground? In elementary school? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Time to head to that PTA meeting and ask some questions!

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