thankful | september 30

A few years ago when I was seeing a therapist, she suggested I write down 3 things I’m thankful for at the end of the day.  The purpose was to focus my mind and heart on the positives from the day.  To see the successes, no matter how small.  I’ve kind of been in a rut lately and feel like I need to refocus a bit.  I don’t think I’ll do this daily, but whenever I feel negativity creeping in I’m going to try to document the good, the positive, the uplifting.  So, for today…. no matter how insignificant:

  1. This morning when I realized it was picture day for Porter, and I told him he’d have to wear the polo I had picked out for his school pictures instead of the outfit he’d picked out…. he accepted without a hitch.  No whining, no tantrum, no questions.
  2. Hudson conquered his fear of going upstairs alone to get his parrot that he wanted to take to school after I told him it was time to leave and I didn’t have time to go upstairs with him.  He had the choice to go upstairs alone or go to school without.  And he mustered up his bravery and ran upstairs alone.  CHEER!!
  3. I’ve had an eye opening day… realizing what amazing women I’m in the presence of daily. Seeing one of my best friends reach a goal she’s worked SO hard for, and deserves more than anyone.  Seeing two of my girls take on and replicate leadership skills…. it literally brought tears to my eyes.  And finally, I’m doing a pay it forward with some lavender oil I brought home from France.  One of the requirements is that my team has to pay it forward as well, and be nominated for the oil.  And reading through the nominations…. seeing how uplifting and kind these women are, how they cheer each other on, how they encourage and congratulate and acknowledge each other. This just makes my heart so happy.  Its hard, with women, to find friends who do that for you.  To find a group of people who can be truly happy for each other. Who can celebrate successes, encourage each other and tell each other openly that they’re proud of them.   Truly makes my heart happy.  

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