the day that never ends….

I’ve been in a mood today.  Not a pretty one.  Ok.   I’m not in a pretty mood very much anymore anyhow.  (did that make sense?)  Anyhow, today just started out sucky and no matter what, it just kept being sucky.    There are some good little specks though.

  • Our life insurance guy was supposed to come tonight for a meeting… even though we finalized everything I’m like what the actual hell do we have to meet with you AGAIN?  I don’t want to meet with you again until one of us knocks the bucket.  I don’t have time for this shit. 
  • I cancelled said appointment.  
  • I finally hired a cleaning lady today… like an “all house clean my everything” cleaning person. She comes tomorrow.  I’m excited!  I’m also like… crap… we’ve got to clean the house for the cleaning person!  Seriously though, we just got back from camping and our house is FILLED to the brim with laundry and things not put away.  Not to mention we still haven’t fully transitioned out summer stuff so we have two seasons of crap all over. 
  • Porter is FINALLY done with football. I loved watching them play but oh my everloving lord THREE 2-hour practices a night, plus a game on the weekends is more than I like to deal with. The season actually ended almost 2 weeks ago but the guy who runs the league decided to throw “one more in” so P’s team (Michigan Center Red) played the other MC team (black).  It rained most of the game and was cold, but it was a nail biter all to the end.  The ended up tying. 
  • Tomorrow, in addition to my house getting cleaned, I’m getting my hair done.  It’s been MONTHS!   It is soooo desperately in need of coloring.  I am going dark again.  I’m over the blonde.  Bleh.  Its okay for summer.  Something different.  But I love my dark hair.   
  • A few more days until CHICAGO!!!   I’m so in need of a weekend away.  I’m headed to FUEL (Fire Up Everything in Life) event with my Lemon Dropper girls.  YEAH!   I’m excited to be with these ladies this weekend, and to meet up with so many that I work with daily and know only from Facebook.  It’s going to be an awesome weekend.  
  • This fall…. isn’t fall supposed to be dry and crispy and cold?  Well… I feel like ours has been nothing but RAIN!  Seriously… its rained like every other day.  So, our leaves are totally wet. Can’t rake them into piles for the kids because they’re… WET.   I feel like its my most hated springtime taking over my favorite fall season.   MICHIGAN…. you’re not helping yourself here…. I’m about over it.  
I’m so complainy.  I know.  Maybe I need to do my 3 positive things post…. no, what I need is a nap.  Like a long, no one bother me for days, nap…..

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