lazy day ramblings

Today I have no expectations for completing anything.  We are having a lazy day.

It’s rainy outside.  Has this been the rainiest October in Michigan or what??

Amelia feels ucky and is whiny.  She’s had a stuffy nose since this weekend.   I’ve been lazy at applying oils.  GRR.

My legs and butt is soooore.  I went riding yesterday and it always is a great lower body workout.  I just wish I could make more time for it!

How does the morning fly by so quickly??   I swear, I drop the boys off at school and then its lunchtime.   Nevermind that we’ve done nothing but sit on the couch and watch cartoons, eat Sour Patch Kids and I’ve been busting butt catching up on work-related tasks.

We may or may not be eating Kraft Mac n Cheese for lunch.  Don’t judge.

I just got back from an AMAZING work weekend trip in Chicago with some of the best girls you can find anywhere in the world.  I will be writing up my thoughts about this trip sometime soon I hope.   I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep.  The last two nights I’ve gone to bed at 8pm and slept for 10 hours.  Yesterday I also took a nap.

I’ve been so lazy at potty training Amelia.  The girl could be trained by now but I am a slacker.   I rest easy knowing it is highly unlikely she will go to kindergarten in a diaper.

Football is finally over and the boys are starting riding lessons.   I don’t anticipate they’ll care to show or anything like that, but I want to see if either of them have any further interest in riding more often. I really would like to get another horse that either one of the boys, or Ryan, or a friend could use and ride with me.   Its boring riding alone!  But, I hate to pay for another horse if it won’t get used.  I know in about 2 years Amelia will be all over that… but in the meantime… not sure its necessary.  We’ll see!   I have a feeling Porter will be more into riding than Hudson, but I really think riding could be a great confidence boost for Hudson- especially since he really has no interest in competitive team sports.   We’ll see!!

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