9 weeks

I feel like this had been the longest pregnancy ever.  I feel old and aged.  But technically it probably will be the longest pregnancy ever since I’ve practically been pregnant since the end of July.  With a two week miscarriage between the end of August/beginning of September and then pregnant again right after.   So. Yeah.  Longest pregnancy ever. 

I started this pregnancy thinking.  I don’t need to gain an ounce.  I’m going to watch what I eat.  I’ll exercise.   And then, like with the rest of my pregnancies but 10 times worse, the exhaustion and nausea hit.   I was going to bed at 8 every night and eating non stop during the day because a full tummy was the only thing that got rid of nausea (but then I was constantly uncomfortable because I was full). At almost 10 weeks I can kind of see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I don’t have the extreme urge to nap everyday on top of sleeping 10 hours a night.  I do try not to walk into my room after putting Amelia down for a nap because my bed always looks so amazingly comfortable and the dim room after closing the curtains is just so cozy and relaxing.  

I’ve been getting constant heartburn and acid reflux.  It sucks.  Peppermint oil has been a HUGE help (put a drop under my tongue and then drink water). Literally everything I eat makes me acidy.   I crave cereal and milk (fruit loops!).  And I was craving bread– anything breadlike.  That has lessens a little.  

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