13 weeks

I had my 13 week appointment on Wednesday.  Heartbeat was in the 160’s and everything else was normal.  I went in to see LeeAnn Thursday night to take a peek at the baby.  He/She was being super wiggly and we weren’t able to get a very good picture of the baby.  He/She was in a really awkward position and kind of upside down.   Have you heard of “the Angle of the Dangle“?   It’s pretty fascinating!   We tried it with Amelia and I *think* we were accurate… but heck if I remember (I’d have to pull out her ultrasound pics).   We attempted to peek at this one but he/she wasn’t giving us a super great side view.  I’m so glad I got to see this little one wiggling and moving all around.   Makes it feel more real (as if feeling like a huge 80 year old whale didn’t feel real enough….).
I started an ExpectNet game to see what everyone thinks the baby will be, when it’ll be born and how much he or she will weigh. I loved doing these games with the other kiddos pregnancies!
Cravings:  Nothing major recently… nothing that I “HAVE” to have.  
Symptoms/Feelings:   My hip issues are already starting.   I have begun to see the chiropractor (Which Amelia calls the “firecracker”) at least once a week.  I do need to go again for the 2nd time this week.  Boobs are still hurting and huge.  I haven’t been sleeping well either… quite a few nights in a row I have been waking up a couple times a night.  Makes for some unproductive and exhausting days.  
Changes:  Between my huge boobs and huge belly, my regular shirts end up too short on me.  I finally went shopping and got some maternity shirts and have ordered a few pair of pants off eBay.  
Baby right now, at 13 weeks, is the size of a peach

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