my life is poop

Some mornings you just can’t escape the reality that your life really is…. all about poop. 

It started off with a dream.  Yes.  I dreamt about poop.   Pregnancy does weird things to you.   I dreamt there was a turd in the toilet that I could not flush. (Someone… quick… analyze this dream!).  I tried and tried to flush it but…. there wasn’t enough water pressure.  So, I looked in the tank of the toilet and realized the chain wasn’t short enough and the stopper kept slowing down the flow.  I stuck my hand in the tank, pulled the chain up a few little “balls” (like those military dog tag chains that are ball necklaces) and then flushed and in my dream I saw a close up of the turd flushing down the toilet. SUCCESS!
I woke up (for the 5th time that morning… I can’t get a decents night sleep anymore) to Ryan telling me Amelia had pooped in her pajamas and it was down her leg and on her floor… and she was trying her hardest to clean it up with baby wipes.  I got up and… cleaned up poop.
I put her in the bath because, really, that was the only solution to this mess.  Hudson wakes up and comes into the bathroom to….. poop.   He talks about his poop and asks if he’s stinking up the bathroom. Yup.  Poop.
I make my way downstairs and find Ruby sniffing something on the living room floor.   She pooped in the early morning on the living room carpet.  I clean up poop.
I go back upstairs to brush my teeth and find the toilet filled with poop.  Hudson hasn’t flushed. WHY CAN’T BOYS JUST FLUSH THE TOILET WHEN THEY ARE DONE?   I threaten to take a picture of it and tape it to his bedroom wall every time he leaves poop in the toilet because IF I HAVE TO SEE IT SO SHOULD HE.
And finally… I find myself cleaning the rabbit litter this morning.  More.  Stinkin.  Poop.  
What has my life become.   

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