Christmas 2014

  • We spent Christmas Eve with Ryan’s dad, sister and her family.
  • The kids are all getting so big! Lia got a Canon SureShot camera and was ecstatic.  Shae and Brenna got Lego Friends- the mall and cruise ship and were all googly eyed over them.   The boys got the Skylanders Swap Force for the Xbox and Amelia got lots of toys.



  • The kids (except Amelia) are at an age where we can actually play games without them needing us every second.  The adults were able to play Ticket to Ride after dinner while the kids played in the basement.
  • We went to the 8pm Christmas Eve service at Westwinds.  As always, they outdid themselves with the decor and theme.  The theme was Christmas in the 40’s and they had a vintage looking Santa.  There were work benches set up in the lobby… 1 for kids to write a letter to Santa, and 3 for families to make pinecone ornaments to remember this Christmas Eve at Westwinds.  They were painted green, and there was glue and Epsom Salt to sprinkle on them, put them in a paper gift bag and take home.  The service was amazing… all 40’s themed Christmas songs and as always, worship was spot on.  We are so blessed to have found such an awesome church to call home.
  • The kids were beyond tired by the time we got home.  We forgot to put out reindeer food. Oops!  They were out like a light (well, Amelia was a bit fussy but after Ryan sang to her she zonked out.)
  • Porter woke us up at 7:30am and drug us downstairs.  He and Hudson were giddy as can be. I had to wake Amelia up, so she was so confused at opening her stocking and seeing gifts.  Santa brought android tablets for each of the kids (in their favorite colors: red, green and purple), sleds for the boys, a stroller for Amelia and lots of little goodies… their annual Nutcrackers as usual (a hunter for P, mouse for H and ballerina for A), kinetic sand and more.  They were so surprised over the “iPads”.  I’m pretty sure that was their favorite gift.
  • Hudson was the most excited this year… he’s really into random, quirky things so he’s super easy to please and surprise.  He got this Animal Babies Monkey that giggles, burps and farts and he LOVES it.  He also got a stuffed macaw parrot, Waddles the penguin, dry erase markers, Spirograph, Mixels, Shrinky Dinks, Pokemon cards and Legos.


  • Amelia got a Bitty Baby, Frozen dress up clothes, some tutus, a doll high chair, a vintage Fisher Price camera, and a Llama Llama book.
  • Porter got Minecraft Legos, books (Harry Potter, Wonder, and Magic Treehouse), Skylanders characters, Pokemon cards. (He was the hardest to buy for… his wish list literally ALWAYS consists of: iPhone, iPod touch, dirt bike, bb gun and quad.  Sorry buddy… not happening).
  • They got combined gifts of Osmo iPad games (I.LOVE.THESE) and Disney Infinity 2.0.  Whoop Whoop!  Each of the kids got a Little Live Pets bird… yeah.  Ryan hates them HAHA!
  • We thought we’d use Christmas morning to surprise them with our DisneyLand trip… big mistake. Turns out they’re like “okay, cool”  Uhm. HELLOOOO we’re flying to CALIFORINA to see RADIATOR SPRINGS!  Yeah.   Next time we’ll just wait and tell them when we’re on the plane HAHA!  #surprisefail
  • My sister and her girls came over for dinner and a movie, and my dad stopped by for a bit.  We all just hung out in jammies and relaxed all day.

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