Random updates and thoughts

  • We have been addicted to watching Yukon Men lately.  Ever watch it?  My jaw just drops at every episode.  I can’t imagine 24/7 trying to survive. GAH!   I’m actually watching my first episode of Risking It All and have mixed feelings.  Three families…. 1 moving because of health.  (All I can think is… HOW CAN I SEND HER SOME OILS?), 1 moving to save their marriage and get away from technology, 1 moving because the husband lost his job and they’re just… moving off the grid because he was so disconnected from their family working 7a-9p. This show just solidifies my goals of having so much more freedom with our time and life.  Ryan is leaving his job soon to work from home with me and I can’t wait.  I love the idea of having a free schedule… work when we need to, have fun when we want to.  LIVE life.   The daily grind will be OUR choice.
  • Today we had a huge craft/family fun day.   I spent a couple hours this morning making Christmas Crafts for people I want to show appreciation to this Christmas.  Our mail-lady, UPS man, the sweet adults who help kids out of the truck at Hudson’s school drop off, the people who run the barn where I board Lacey…. I have a list of 10 people and got these adorable little snowmen jars made and am going to write a note to each of them.Hudson and Amelia helped me make Christmas Crockpot Crack.  YUMMY.  This stuff is delish, so easy to make and makes a TON!  (think: lots to share with neighbors!)

    One of our Christmas gifts to someone involves the kids painting some pictures.  While Amelia napped, the boys and I worked on their paintings.  They did a GREAT job!  I’m so excited about this gift!

  • This evening we went to the Christmas Lights in Jackson.  The kids wore their pj’s and brought their blankets.  After we got home we had hot chocolate and watched Polar Express.  Perfect ending to a great day!
  • Speaking of Polar Express, there were some things in the movie that I’ve never understood the meaning of (like… why the little boy goes into the other train car not the one with all the other kids).   I googled up some analysis on the movie and found this one.  WOAH.  Never really thought of it that way but….. pretty neat.
  • Porter is starting basketball on a 2nd/3rd/4th grade team. I’m excited about this sport because the practices are only 2 days a week and 1.5 hours HAHA!  He’ll play in 5 weekend tournaments on Saturdays.   That’s kind of a downside but… hopefully it’ll be better than wrestling as far as crowds.   (SO glad he decided NOT to do wrestling again this year!)
  • Baby Barczak #4 now has a carseat and stroller.  We literally got rid of EVERYTHING except the crib and I think a boppy seat and the changing pad for the dresser.  Yeah.   Luckily, though, by the 4th kid you realize how much of that crap you DON’T need!   I think we just need to get bottles and a swing and we should be good to go.  I think we might have a bouncy seat in the apartment?   And clothes.  Yeah.  We have ZERO baby clothes from either Amelia or the boys.  I’m in love with the stroller we got… its the City Select by City Jogger.  Elephant Ears was having a special where they gave you the 2nd seat free, so it’ll be perfect to swap from a single to double stroller (on basically a single stroller frame) for Amelia if need be.   We’re taking it to California next month when we go to DisneyLand…. I’m thinking that the extra seat might be good for Hudson to sit in if he feels like it. And if we decide we don’t need it, we’ll just take the 2nd seat off in the hotel room.
    (yes…. I got an eggplant colored stroller! HAHA!  I wanted black… and was all set.  Then they called to get it from their stock and didn’t have it.  So then I picked this deep teal.  Didn’t have that either.  It was either red, tan or silver.  Soooo I went with eggplant.  If Baby #4 is a boy hopefully he doesn’t mind purple. )



  • The boys are finishing up a semester of a painting class at JSOA and Amelia is finishing a fall creative movement class.  All 3 really enjoy it!  The boys have opted to try a Minecraft Art class starting in January, and I’m re-enrolling Amelia in creative movement again.  I really want to find a gymnastics class for her that isn’t during naptime or evenings (ie… one that is in the weekday mornings), but might just have to wait until fall.
  • I finally broke down and got some help around here.  It seems so frivolous.  I’m technically HOME during the week, so I feel like I should be able to handle it all.  But to be honest, working from home with a toddler isn’t as easy as I’d assumed. Or tried to make it.  So, I found an awesome person to help with weekly house cleaning (Wednesdays are my favorite day… Annie comes!! My house is soooo clean for about an hour after she leaves and then my kids take over!) and then I found a fantastic babysitter/nanny/whateveryamacallit for Amelia. Suzanne is sooooo good with Amelia and Amelia loves her!  I feel so so thankful to have found these two ladies!

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