Saturday chores

This has been the most productive and exhausting Saturday. Sleep was hard to come by last night. I had bad acid reflux/indigestion and could not get to sleep. I think I was up until 2am?? Porter is staying at Dave’s this weekend. He was desperate for a weekend away from Hudson and Amelia. Ryan is out of town. So it’s just me and two kiddos this weekend.

Hudson and Amelia were up at 8am. Oddly I was not a total zombie, so I was up too. Dreary, grey Saturday…. Not much motivation to do anything fun. I decided to try to be productive around the house.

We went to Menards to get wood to make a sign for the baby’s room. We picked up a rake, too, since I can’t find either of our rakes.

After Menards we went grocery shopping. It was lunchtime. Bad idea. We ate through a bag of brownie brittle and loaded up on more junk than necessary.

I hate grocery shopping. It exhausts me on a normal day, let alone a pregnant day. And Ryan wasn’t home to take over and unload/put away groceries. Boo.

Hudson and AJ ate lunch while I out away groceries. The sun came out. Yay! Since it was already 2pm I figured we would skip nap and play outside.

While the kids played I cut the boards and screwed together the sign, stained it and painted it. Then I decided to take out our landscaping out front (omg. 4 huge piles of leaves!) and trim up the dead plants by the mailbox and prune the bushes in front of the garage windows.

I’m glad I picked up a deli pizza for dinner because that was about all I had energy for. The kids are in the shower and I’m counting down the minutes until I can set them in front of a movie and go take a hot bath. My body aches.

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