why do i need an excuse?

Well this is crazy that this quote/blog post popped up in my feed this morning. I literally just got back from my 28 week appt with baby #4 and my doc (a male) asked me if I plan to nurse or bottle feed. I told him bottle feed (I formula feed by choice. My breasts get ginormous during pregnancy and even worse when my milk comes in and I just can’t stand the back pain… and I just want my body back. Selfish? Sure. But it’s my body).

He gave me a nice lecture about how they recommend breast feeding and how it passes on antibodies to the baby and increases bonding yadda yadda yadda… I sat there nodding my head, feeling like I was being scolded. If I’d had the balls (or brain cells to think of this quickly) I’d have cut him off and let him know I have 3 growing, happy, super healthy children who are very intelligent and bonded to their mother and I’m pretty damn sure I’m capable of deciding how to feed my 4th. And I probably would have/should have thrown in there “So you’re saying your bond with your children is not so great because you obviously don’t have boobs to feed them with”.  GRRARRR.

Well what great timing to see this post in my feed this morning.  I could have written her exact feelings:

“I’m a stay at home mother. I have the “time.” My older two are in school five days a week. I’m white, college educated……I’m SUPPOSED to breastfeed.  And I don’t want to.”

Believe me.  I’ve read allll the articles, blog posts, studies… touting how brilliantly smart breastfed babies are (a whopping 4 IQ points.  Woah.  Totally bet that’ll get them into an Ivy League College on that credential alone!).  I know it passes on all sorts of goodness to the baby.  I hear the preaching about how amazingly bonded all these breastfed babies are with their mothers (as if formula fed babies are fed by a machine HA!). I’m not an idiot.   I’m informed.  And I still make my own choice.  

For the most part, I don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks.  I don’t feel guilty.   Do I wish I wanted to breastfeed?  Of course.  Do I wish I had the desire to suck up the pain, the backaches, the sore nipples, the inconvenience, the constant attachment… to experience nursing?  Absolutely.   But I know myself.  I know I’m a better mom because I choose to formula feed.   I NEED my body back.  I NEED my boobs back to a halfway normal size.  I enjoy the freedom that bottle feeding gives me, my husband and my kids.  There wouldn’t BE any bonding between mother and baby because I’m pretty certain this mama would be committed for going crazy if I was forced to nurse.  

Since my last 3 appointments I’ve been questioned about wearing my seatbelt (yes, I do…. is this a thing…. Pregnant Women Boycotting Seatbelts??) I’m certain the nursing/bottle feeding question is going to come up again in the future.  And I’m prepared for the shaming at the hospital.  As with each of my kids’ deliveries… the pressure/looks have gotten worse at the hospital when I tell them I have chosen to formula feed from the get-go.  With our hospital being a “Baby-Friendly Hospital”, I’m pretty certain that this baby’s delivery is going to be uuuber awkward with nurses.  Thank god this is my last.  I can’t imagine in the coming years the lectures that will be pressured onto mothers for the choices they make.    I’m preparing myself with my defense statement and going to cut off the lecture at the get go.  My choice is made, and I don’t need a lecture to tell me you disapprove.   Get over it 🙂 

  1. You do what you feel is right…you are absolutely right that the bond wouldnt be any stronger because the baby would feel your stress..i didnt breastfeed either of my kids because to be honest i was uncomfortable and scared..im not the most healthy eater and i didnt want that to effect my babies…and boy did i get bashed for it but i do not regret it because i would have been a ball of stress and i didnt want my babies to sense that…my kids are 14 and 9 and they are fantastic and healthy…i have been reading your blog since Porter was born and you are amazing..your kids are so lucky to have such a loving caring honest mom..i think you rock!!!

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