Eloise Claire | 1 month

Exactly one month ago I was meeting this sweet girl for the very first time.  It is amazing how in those very first seconds, you realize you could never imagine life without them.  And in such a short amount of time she filled in every empty space in our home and hearts as if she has always been here.  She was meant to be, maybe not quite in our plans, but in His.  And I can’t believe we ever thought we were complete before her.

  • She loves to be held.   Probably because I hold her all the time.   What can I say… she’s the last baby!
  • We have an extra double bed in her room so I’ve been sleeping in there so that I can get up with her in the night and not wake anyone else up.  She has yet to sleep in her crib… she falls asleep best next to me.
  • At 1 month old she eats between 2-4 ounces.  She’s sometimes a grazer when it comes to eating and will eat an ounce here, an ounce there… other times she’ll eat an entire 3 oz bottle and want more half an hour later.
  • She’s still wearing newborn diapers and size 1’s (though they’re a little big).
  • In the past few days she’s begun smiling when you talk to her.  Like, genuine, big grin, wiggling body smiles.  I love it.
  • She wears newborn size clothes, and some 0-3month
  • She isn’t a fan of swaddling.  She loves to be held close to you, though, and likes to sleep on her side.
  • She rarely cries… only if she’s hungry.
  • In the past month, she has accumulated a few nick names already.   We call her Lulu, Lou, Louie, Baby Sis and Hudson for some reason calls her “Bum Bum”.   We clearly love terms of endearment in this family 🙂


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