Kidz Kamp and Jesus

The boys went to Kidz Kamp this week… as usual, they loved it.  If you’re in the Jackson area, this is SUCH  an awesome church camp!   They have tons of different classes kids can choose from (They get assigned to 3 for the week).  Hudson did Clay Creations, Wearable Art, and Drivers Training.   Porter had CSI, Driver’s Training and Wilderness Survival.   Hudson REALLY loved the Clay Creations class… and both loved Driver’s Training.  I wish they had more of these throughout the summer… I’d sign them up for every one!  They have so much fun.

Wednesday night Porter said to me, out of the blue “Do you know I have Jesus living inside me? Pastor ____ told us that we can accept Jesus into our hearts to live in us, and if we haven’t done that yet, he said we could go to him at camp and ask Jesus to forgive all of our sins.  I went up with some other kids and asked Jesus forgive my sins.”  Oh my heart.  My heart just exploded and I almost cried.  I told him I was SO proud of him and SO excited for him… and that I remember when I was about his age asking Jesus into my heart, too.   Porter told me that Hudson didn’t go up there and I said that was okay, that he could do that on his own time and you can ask Jesus to forgive your sins anytime you want.  And it was kind of like being baptized, and if he remembered watching baptisms at Westwinds.  That being baptized was asking Jesus to wipe your sins away and to vow to follow him and have him in your heart always.  He told me he wanted to be baptized at Westwinds.  I have prayed for my kids (and my husband) for the day they decide they want to be baptized and to follow Jesus.   And here, here is my sweet boy telling me he’s ready.   I’m so so proud of him.

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