when your tuesday feels like monday

Today has been so chaotic and jumbled and I feel like neither Ryan nor I have enough arms or eyes to keep on top of things.  Our living room looks like our closets exploded.   Loads and loads and loads of laundry are waiting to be folded.  Ack.   The kids have been running wild.  Eloise is being super needy today.  Not fussy… just… she wants to be held.   She’s also been more awake lately and she’s still in that awkward stage where she can’t play or interact much, but just wants to be awake.  And held.
  • We took a last minute camping trip over the weekend.   We had a great time but…. we had limited wifi/cell service so I am spending a huge part of my day catching up on work I got behind on over the weekend.
  • We have both been scrambling to get together last minute documents and information and letters to get our mortgage on the new house loan wrapped up.
  • Speaking of… buying a house and being self employed is like jumping through a million hoops. We’ve had to write letters with proof of when I started with Young Living, and letters stating our intent of keeping our current house off the market until we move, and letters from our CPA stating they have in fact done our taxes and that we still have our LLC.
  • I signed the boys up for football and soccer camp in the new town we’re moving to, and signed Hudson up for a Cookies and Canvas class too.  I’m hoping that they can at least meet a few kids that will be in their school so they have a few familiar faces when school starts.  Porter thinks he wants to try lacrosse in the spring too.
  • I have been obsessed with Pinterest and planning what we’re going to do with the house once we move in, as well as trying to figure out how we’re going to lay out our horse pastures etc.  I have no clue what I’m doing, by the way, when it comes to horse pastures!  But then this leaves me thinking… we need to clear out the wooded area to make pastures.  When will we have time for that?
  • I think I’m going to board Lacey this fall/winter so that we can try to get settled into the house, get some of the property cleared for more pasture land, and I’ll have access to an indoor arena to ride (score!).   So, calling boarding stables in the area is on my list as well this week.
  • I’m chomping at the bit to get things scheduled before we leave for Convention in August.  We’re going to have someone come in and do the floors and paint the interior of the house while we’re gone… or at least that’s my plan… but I have a feeling dates aren’t going to line up like I want HAHA!
  • We should have a closing date in the next 2 weeks or so!  This is exciting… as it may give us about an extra week before we leave for Dallas.   Did I mention we have 2 trips planned in August… so we’ll be gone 14 out of the 31 days in August?  I’m not sure how we’re supposed to move in the middle of all that!
  • My brain is just in 53 different directions.  I’m making lists on top of lists on top of lists on top of lists.  Work Lists.  Moving Lists.  Kids Activities Lists. Chore Lists.  Team Lists.  Finding New Doctors/Insurance/Barns/Vet/Dentist/Church Lists.  New House Project Lists.    Scrapbook/Project Life/Photo Book Lists.  Childcare While We’re Gone Lists.  Summer Camp Lists.
  • I’m finding myself wishing that time would hurry up so  can get into the new house, get this house on the market and get settled into life again.   But then, I’m realizing that summer is going by SO FAST and that technically once we’re settled into the house means summer is over!  Catch 22 there.
The boys have Nerd Camp tonight.  Tomorrow I have a full day of coaching calls with my team, and then I got a phone call today reminding me of Eloise’s ultrasound appointment tomorrow (which I had completely forgotten about). Plus I have dinner with a friend to cram in there too.   Ryan’s going to be single dad-ing it up tomorrow, that’s for sure.  Sorry, honey!

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