The last night.

Tonight is our last night at H House.   This move is so bittersweet.  We never thought we would have or want to move from H House. When we moved here, we had a 2 year old and 7 week old.  This was our first “real, grown up” house.  It had a doorbell and sidewalk to the front door!  It was more than double the size of our first home and we had big visions for this house.  I still have the long term “to do” list for H House and we surprisingly completed SO much of it.  We have so many amazing memories in this home.  Our boys grew up here!  The boys had their first days of school here.  First steps were taken by Hudson and Amelia. Our girls were brought home here.  Our family expanded from 4 to 5 to 6 in this home.  We’ve eaten dinner with good friends here.  We’ve had Thanksgiving dinners here from the stages of having “kid tables” to now having to host it buffet style because everyone has grown so much.  Santa came down this chimney for the past 7 years.  We’ve put sweat, tears and lots of love into these 4 walls.  I pray that the next family that moves in will see how special this house is and they too will create some amazing family memories here.  I hope they realize what a treasure the neighbors are.  Earlier today I heard the kids laughing and playing outside and it made me sad to think that it would likely be the last time Gary and Linda, our neighbors, would hear our kids’ laughter (and fighting) from their yard. As hard as the house is going to be to say goodbye to, the neighbors will be the hardest.  They’ve become like family to us.  It’s special, having neighbors who are a bit older than you but who get along with you and are so fun and relatable. They treat my kids like their grandchildren.  I remember when Porter was about 4, he realized Linda kept popsicles at her house so he would draw pictures for them and ask to take them next door, hoping she would offer him a Popsicle in return for his scribbly art.  The memories here…. So many amazing memories in our hearts.  So long, H House.  Many blessings for your next family.


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