goodbyes suck

7 summers ago I sat in this exact spot, on dirty carpet, feeding an infant Hudson while 2 year old Porter scampered around. The weeks prior to closing on this house were stressful and emotional. This house was my happy place. It was dirty, a foreclosure, but it was to be our home and I had big dreams for it. I would come here during the days, pick up a hot n ready pizza, land slowly work on fixing things up and making it a home. Today we are picking up the last straggling things of our belongings and it’s breaking my heart to say goodbye.
Emotional wreck right now. I can’t revisit this house again. It makes me so sad to think of all the memories we leave here. This is the last time the boys will run to the neighbors to play with E and K. I won’t see them climb the tree in the front yard again. I won’t hear them scamper off to the neighbors for Popsicles. It’s crazy how 4 walls can hold so much more than your worldly belongings.


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