Amelia Says: December 2015 Edition

A:  Sometimes you say the F-word.

Me: I know.  I shouldn’t say bad words. I try not to.

A:  I know.  I shouldn’t say bad words either.  But dogs don’t even talk!  And Lulu says “dadadadada!”


(I had a papercut from an envelope and had showed her and said it hurt)

A:  When I get a bit older, I wish I could cut my finger with an envelope.  What was the thing that cut you, Mom?

Me:  An envelope.

A:  Oh no, that’s so sad!


A:  Ohhhhh I missed you, Mom!  I wish you could stay here all day.

Me:  But I was here all day.

A:  No you weren’t.  You were at the airport!

Me:  That was last night, silly! (I took my mom to the airport the night before)

A:  No it wasn’t!  It was 3 weeks ago!  And yesterday morning you were there too!


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